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Grimm Gifs: The Knapsack, The Hat and the Horn

Another story with three brothers and tablecloth that serves itself with food magically, the third brother with this cloth meets a coal worker who will trade the cloth for a knapsack that summons soldiers that will obey his every command, so he accepts and.... summons the soldiers to steal the cloth back, he then meets another coal miner who this times trades him a hat that has magic cannon fire powers, and you won't believe what happened! He traded and then used the cannons to get the cloth back, the final coal miner had a horn that has almost apocalyptic powers wrecking everything in it's path and you guess what happened.

Well, this "marvelous" man returns to his brothers who think he's a beggar with the tattered hat and knapsack, so... he unleashed Hell. The King tries to intervene, but now the third brother demands the kingdom and the princess or he'll wreck everything. The King is forced to accept.

The new "definitely not a tyrant" King is tricked by the princess to reveal his secret, but since he has several items, he always had something and ended up using the horn, which killed the princess, the old King and wrecked the kingdom.... What a guy?

Grimm Gifs: One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes

There are three sisters, one with one eye, one with two and one with three, they pick on Two-Eyes by giving her nothing but scraps, because... it's a Grimm Fairy Tale and someone has to suffer?

Two-Eyes takes care of the family goat and meets and old lady that teaches her a spell to make the goat summon a table filled with food (damn, I just drew almost the same thing yesterday), so now she can at least get a decent meal.

Eventually the family get suspicious and they send One-Eye with Two-Eyes to see if she can find out anything, Two-Eyes sings a lullaby and One falls asleep, eventually Three-Eyes goes, but since she has three eyes, when she falls asleep her third eye sees the spell and tells her mother, who kills the goat.

The old lady reappears and tells Two-Eyes to bury the goats entrails, which sprout a silver tree with gold apples, and only Two-Eyes can touch the tree. The story goes a bit Cinderella with a nobleman asking about the tree and the family not letting Two-Eyes meet the nobleman, he requests a silver branch and will grant a wish to the persons who gives it to him, obviously in the end Two-Eyes is the only one who can do it and ask to be taken away from his horrible family and even the magic tree follows her, so her family ends impoverished. 

Grimm Gifs: The Wishing-Table, The Ass and Cudgel
A father kicks out his sons because of their lying goat, but they come back with magical items, a table that sets itself, a dancing cudgel and donkey that spits money.
Grimm Gifs: The Water-Nix

Two kids wall down a well where a Water-Nix lives, who captures them a forces them to do hard labor for her. The kids escape when she goes to... church? 

They never explain if she went to a normal church or if they have a church for fairy tale creatures... Anyway, the Nix chases the kids and they throw things at her that for reason grow into mountains of those objects, but the Nix only stops when they throw a mirror and it creates a mountain of slippery mirrors.

Grimm Gifs: The Foundling Bird

A forester finds a kid in a tree and adopts him, the cook is really a witch that wants to eat him and he runs away with the forester's other kid and morphs into shapes to fool her henchmen until she comes, find a strange pond with a duck, but before she can do anything, the duck pulls her in and she drowns.

I'm not really satisfied with this one.... :(

Apparently I need a paid account to make a poll... and I'm not getting one for just one poll.

Anyway, after I'm done with Roald Dahl books, which would you rather have me do next?
-The Oz series, it's bigger than it looks!
-H.G. Wells
-Sherlock Holmes

Also, if I don't manage to finish a story before the day ends, would you rather have me make a gif of what I've read so far or wait until it's completed?
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