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Grimm Gifs: The Golden Children

A fisherman catches a golden wish grant wishing fish (it's been a while since the last wish fish) and the wish says he'll get a castle with magical cupboard of food (this is a staple by now), but the moment he tells anybody about it, it will go away. 

So obviously the wife won't leave him alone until her tells her, even though she know it will go away the moment she knows, but it doesn't matter because the fisherman caught the wish fish again!

And the wife forced him to tell the truth AGAIN! The next time he catches the wish fish, the fish just gives up and says to feed two pieces to his wife, two to his horses and plant the other two.

The horses give birth to two gold colts, two golden lilies sprout from the ground and the wife gave birth to two golden children. 

When they grow up the boy leaves on an adventure with his golden horse saying to look at the lily, because it will wilt if he's in dire peril or dying. He meets a maiden she marries, but the father doesn't approve of him and golden boy leave on a hunting trip to prove his worth, but he meets a witch that turns him into stone. The sister knows immediately thanks to the lily and goes out to find him and threatens the witch with a gun and apparently that's enough to get a witch to undo the curse? Happy ending!?

Grimm Gifs: Little Brother And Little Sister

Typical abusive stepmom makes two kids runaway and find a set of cursed ponds while the brother is dying of thirst and instead of doing the cool thing and drinking from the pond that turns you into a tiger, the silly goose drinks from the one that turns him into a deer.

They continue to live "normally" except the "dear brother" can't help but to rush out when he hear a hunting horn and ends up attracting the King who marries the sister. The story become a bit like the last with the evil stepmom trying to replace the queen and the king breaks the spell... the usual.

Grimm Gifs: The White Bride And The Black One

Well, this one is strange.... Not only does God appear, the story is pretty racist!

God disguises himself as a beggar and approaches a house with a step-daughter, step-mom and her daughter... You can guess what happens, right?

Yep, only the step-daughter treats God decently, so he punishes the others by making them black and ugly and the stepdaughter beautiful and gives her a purse with never ending gold.

Her brother paints him and the painting ends up in the King’s castle, who falls in love with her and demands she be brought as a bride.

The stepmom is now a witch for some reasons and magically makes the stepdaughter give the other daughter her clothes and gets pushed into a river, the witches bewitches the King into marrying the fake and a duck appears in the castle telling the kitchen boy the story, The king cuts the duck’s head off, which somehow turns her into the stepdaughter (boy is it hard to retell a story where nobody is named) and they obviously get married. 

Grimm Gifs: The Goose-Girl At The Well

A witch tricks a count into carrying her bundle of grass to her home which becomes increasingly heavy, the witch rewards him with a book with an emerald. When he returns to meet the King and Queen and gives the book to them the Queen reads it and faints...

It turns out the King and Queen had three daughters and the youngest one was kicked out for now knowing how to express her love for her father and expressing he was like salt because she could stomach food without it, the girl had been raised by the witch and they couldn't remember until they read the book. Also, she cried tears of pearls?

Grimm Gifs: Jorinda and Jorindel

Whoa! Two named characters in a Grimm Fairy Tales? That's a record!

Jorinda and Jorindel are a couple in love lost in the woods where witch lives, the witch has a spell that paralyzes anybody who comes too close, if you're an animal, she's eat you up for supper and if you're a human, she'll turn you into a bird and keep you as a pet.

Jorinda and Jorindel are caught by the spell, but the witch spares Jorindel because the moonlight touches him, Jorindel is powerless to rescue Jorinda and dreams of a red flower with a giant dew drop that will undo the spell.

He finds it the next day and is able to approach the castle, rescue his love and the flower even makes the witch powerless.... she doesn't die horribly? Weird.

Apparently I need a paid account to make a poll... and I'm not getting one for just one poll.

Anyway, after I'm done with Roald Dahl books, which would you rather have me do next?
-The Oz series, it's bigger than it looks!
-H.G. Wells
-Sherlock Holmes

Also, if I don't manage to finish a story before the day ends, would you rather have me make a gif of what I've read so far or wait until it's completed?
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